“I instantly felt physical relief.”

I’m grateful for Lissa’s pranic healing. She worked on me remotely, and I instantly felt physical relief. She also gave me helpful messages that guided me to a richer healing experience.

-Maria, writer and healer

“She helped me help myself.”

I think everyone has those days when they feel sad. I used to think that if I made a mistake, someone would get mad at me, including myself. It felt like no one understood me. And I knew deep down that I didn’t like that.

It was even worse when quarantine came because I was stuck with the same set of people every day—my mom, my dad, and my three sisters. But one day, my mom came up to me and said, “Micah, at 10:30 a.m. Tita Lissa will call you, okay? She’s gonna talk to you.”

The first thing that came to my head was: “Is there something wrong with me?”

But the first sentence she said wasn’t something like, “Have you been experiencing blah blah blah,” or “Are you doing something bad for your health?” It really felt like a normal conversation with a friend, and it felt good!

I found it really nice to talk to someone who actually understands you. I realized that she helped me help myself. She taught me not to stress about the things I shouldn’t be stressed about. This lesson really stuck with me the most: We don’t always have to play by certain rules, and having a choice means we get to choose.

-Micah, high school student

“She was able to gently bring to awareness the things I needed to face.”

My session with Lissa went deep, but not in an intimidating way. She was able to gently bring to awareness the things I needed to face despite my strong resistance in the beginning. I love how I took home practical, empowering tools to stay the course. Maraming salamat, Lissa!

-Margaux, NGO director

“NLP helps me have a deeper understanding of how my unconscious speaks to me.”

Through my sessions with Lissa, I have learned to pay attention to my thoughts and bodily sensations in times of stress. Instead of getting lost in an anxiety loop of overthinking and self judgment, Lissa’s caring guidance encouraged me to recognize these feelings as signals that are here to help me understand what troubles me. This is a habit I have been using on my own thanks to my experience with her. Through her work, I have seen the value of recognizing these signs versus dismissing them, in order to access deeper emotional and energetic healing. We are thousands of miles away from each other, interacting online, and yet the feeling of each session is intimate and focused. She is a truly gifted, intelligent, and loving healer.

-Ricarda, teacher

“Lissa can help you connect to your Inner Self and aid you in your healing process.”

It was my first session with Lissa, and when she asked me if I was ready to “play”, I guess my body just gave in to that call. My subconscious reached out to me through my body in order to help me heal from past hurts. The other communication I received from my subconscious was visually enthralling, and it felt authentic because it has led to healing. I highly recommend Lissa to help you connect to your Inner Self and aid you in your healing process. An an alternative to counseling (for which some of us may not be ready), this will help you understand yourself in a deeper way, and may help guide you toward real and meaningful healing.

Allan, fitness coach

When I went to Lissa for ThetaHealing, I had been suffering from nightmares for over six decades. In one session, she was able to help me process and heal the childhood trauma that was causing them. From that moment on, I felt instant relief. Now, I have peaceful dreams and restful sleep. I am truly grateful to her for channeling this much-needed change and healing in my life.

-Ronnie, retired CEO


My NLP session with Lissa was a very transformative hour for me – she helped me access memories and emotions that tend to be filed away in the busyness of my life, that turned out to hold a vital and important connection to some of the psychic blockages i was dealing with during the time. It made me realize that we can pull tools from anywhere and that healing is something that should be normalized as a regular part of life, just as much as work and play, and that it is multifaceted. Healing can be therapy, it can be fitness, it can be NLP and the more people turn themselves on to it, the more tools you can access to help stabilize and center you.

-Camoi, yoga teacher