Theta Healing Comes to Baguio

On June 24, 2013, as a super full moon hung in the sky, I was chatting with a good friend online. She asked me how I was doing, 35 weeks into my first pregnancy. I answered that I was fine, except for one thing that had been bothering me. My ob-gyne was on holiday, and I had to deal with a substitute, an expert in high risk pregnancies. Though she was supposedly highly competent at her job, she constantly rubbed my husband and me the wrong way. On my first appointment with her, she said that there was a high probablility that my baby had Down’s syndrome because of the measurement of the nuchal fold ( we searched for the mean measurements online after the appointment, and found that our baby was within normal range). Then on my second visit, she asked me in a scolding tone why I had waited until I was 39 years old to have a baby. I honestly thought that it was none of her business, but I replied, “I waited for the right partner.” She threw me a look full of cynicism and asked me, “And is he?”

I was so angry about it, and even a couple of weeks after the encounter, I couldn’t shake it off. My friend, who was a Theta Healer, asked me if I wanted to gain wisdom from the experience. Yes, I replied. I wanted to be able to let go of anger and resentment. I wanted to forgive not just her, but myself as well. My friend sent me the healing, and we said goodnight.

A few hours later, I was rushed to the ER because I started bleeding profusely. At 2 a.m. I was confined in the hospital and I told my husband who was in the middle of a film shoot in Davao that he needed to get back to Baguio as soon as possible. I didn’t want to have the baby without him.

In the morning, the substitute doctor came in. She was rude to all the people who were trying to help her give me an internal exam as well as an ultrasound. But as I looked at her, I was suddenly filled with understanding about why she was the way she was. “She’s unhappy. Life has disappointed her. That’s why she’s so mean to everyone.” I am really not the most evolved person on the planet, but at that moment, something miraculous happened inside me: I felt nothing but compassion and love for her. I knew that her behavior had nothing to do with me.

For the next two days, she was my attending doctor. I fortunately did not give birth prematurely, and I received the right medicine and injections. She continued to be rude, even to my parents who tried to get more information on my condition from her. But her behavior no longer bothered me. I could be nice to her regardless of how she treated me.

That was my first experience of Theta Healing®. It is a form of energetic healing developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995 while she was going through her own health crisis with cancer. Theta Healing® uses a form of focused prayer or meditation that allows you to reach theta and delta brain waves. As one connects to Source energy, subconscious fears and behavioral patterns that one carries are revealed. Bringing them into consciousness allows one to change on the level of thought and belief, thus changing one’s reality.

After giving birth to Kalinaw in July (at a healthy 38 ½ weeks), my best friend Mari Brias, who was visiting from Spain, took the Basic and Advanced Theta Healing courses, as well as Manifesting and Abundance, with Lia Bernardo. A few months later, I studied the same courses under Lia as well. Mari continued taking Theta Healing courses in Europe and she is now a certified teacher and an awesome healer.

After finishing the 3 foundational courses in Theta Healing, my experience with it was a bit shaky because I had deep self doubt and was worried about hurting others. I mainly used the technique to help my two small children whenever they were ill (children are very attached to the mother’s energy, so that meant that I struggled to clear whatever was going on inside me in order to facilitate their healing). There was nothing wrong with my “connection”, but I lacked self-confidence. I followed an inner nudge that was telling me to take another energy healing modality, either Reiki or Pranic healing.

In late 2017, I had the opportunity to study Basic Pranic Healing under Tina Lebron, the founder of the Healing House in Manila. This loving and lovable teddy bear of a woman told us, her students, that as long as we followed the correct process and practiced every day, that we would be able to be channels for Divine healing. She had 30 years of pranic healing under her belt, but she had begun as one of energy healing’s pragmatic practitioners. “Your greatest obstacle is self doubt,” she told us.

Taking this pranic healing course gave me the skill and the confidence to practice energy healing. Corollarily, my skill in Theta Healing improved! My first pranic healing patient was none other than my friend who had given me my first Theta Healing one super full moon night in 2013. This was no coincidence. Being able to channel healing for another healer was a God-given opportunity that strengthened my belief in myself and the process.

Since then, I have been blessed with opportunities to help others break free from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, infections, chronic illness. I was even able to remove a cyst from my hand that my doctor told me could only be done via surgery. Always, I am grateful to be a channel and a witness to Divine healing at work.

It gives me great joy to announce that Theta Healing is coming to Baguio! From July 15 to 24, 2019, Mari Brias will be giving four Theta Healing® courses at Pranalaya Yoga Studio in Baguio City. The courses are Basic Course, Advanced Course, Dig Deeper, and Manifesting and Abundance.

In Basic, you will learn how to use the Theta Healing meditation process to connect to the Creator of All That Is (or God or Universe or however you’d like to call It) in order to identify and clear blocks and limiting beliefs, allowing you to create a new reality for yourself.

In Advanced, you will take your healing further by clearing even more fears, rejections and resentments until you can shift your energy and awaken your true potential at a deeper level.

The Dig Deeper course teaches the eight shortcuts in digging for and pulling out the bottom beliefs, so that you can topple that tower of blocks and fears like a house of cards. (Basic and Advanced are pre-requisites to this course.)

In Manifesting and Abundance, you learn to harness the power that transforms thought into reality. You will also re-program collective ancestral, historical and personal beliefs so that you can start living the life that you truly want today. (Basic and Advanced are pre-requisites to this course.)

You can go to my new website in order to read more about Theta Healing® and the course overview, learn more about Mari, or register and pay for the course(s) of your choice.

Whether you are called to enroll in these courses or not, I hope that you will—in a way that truly resonates with you—continue to explore your true identity and possibility as soul, and to experience what it means to be a Co-Creator with God. (For more information or to book a healing session, you can send an email to